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Our United Kingdom Adventure

United Kingdom

Our trip to the UK (England and Scotland) was fantastic. When we had started to plan this trip 8 months prior, we thought we could just "wing it" and find somewhere to stay as we went along. As we were planning our activities we quickly realized that we needed to look at what was available for accommodation since some activities had to be pre-booked and we didn't want to end up being somewhere we would have to drive a long distance to it. I also found out that during the time we would be in York, England it was a "Bank Holiday" for Britain. Needless to say finding somewhere reasonable to stay was getting more difficult. At this time we decided to actually plan an itinerary around the places we wanted to see and the activities we wanted to do then pre-book accommodation. This worked out to be the best decision since I was able to find a variety of self contained units that accommodated the 2 couples, reasonably priced guest houses and hotels and quite often were able to stay for several nights since everything we wanted to see and do were close by.

We pre-hired a 38' cruiser for 7 nights sailing on the Norfolk Broads Rivers. Well laid out with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,

galley kitchen and eating area, a sliding top and small aft deck. This was so relaxing. Weather of course played a factor - it was hot and dry. Everyone so helpful and friendly. Sailing to the local pubs, through bird sanctuaries and small villages. Often we would just tie up late afternoon/early evening by the bank of the river and tie up to a tree or use metal anchors you can put into the ground to tie up to. We saw ducks and their ducklings, swans and their cygnets, and so much more.

It was great to be back in England (no cities - just villages and back roads). Between England and Scotland we drove over

1700 miles. Went horseback riding on the Yorkshire Moors, visited York (need more than 2 days), visited a "Living Museum" where the whole village is from the 1700's and everyone dressed in period dress (need more than a few hours), did a 3.5 hr walking tour of Scottish distilleries, did a boat trip to the Isle of Mull (Scotland) where we saw hundreds of Puffins up close (within 1 foot), they are soooo cute.

The entire trip was 27 days including our flights and very happy we did the pre-planning of booking most of everything

before we departed. This way we were able to enjoy every minute of our tour, stop at villages when we wanted without having to spend time worrying where our next stop for the night would be. I pre-booked most of the activities (some in Can $ some GBP) so we could "skip the line" and get in faster. This too worked out to be the best decision.

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