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Outstanding Service

By Al Lawrence · Agent Cathy Craig

I often wondered if there was a difference between booking directly with the cruise line and booking with a travel agent? I personally always thought I could do better by doing it myself on the web or directly with the cruise line. BOY was I wrong. I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy Craig and though I would give her a try and book a cruise through her and see if I could do anything better on the side at the same time.

Cathy took the time to get to know myself and my wife and to get to know what we liked and didn’t like when traveling. Her first-hand experiences, friendliness, and ongoing professionalism is outstanding. She asked questions to better know which cabin worked for our needs and why, told us which ones not to pick and why and helped us pick the cruise line that best suited these needs. She told us where to go in cities, no hassles when we wanted to change things, she found places on the internet for our travel needs I never knew of, which saved me hours trying to find things on the internet. Over all she helped us save not only in time but in Money as well. Her specialized expertise and priceless advice is unbelievable!!

She took the time to look into sales at the time we wanted to go and looked into group pricing, which their agency had at different times, and also through these group pricing she was able to give us perks I could not find by myself on the web nor was ever offered through the cruise line.

So to sum it all up, when we used Cathy Craig we received excellent service and advice. She always made sure we were satisfied and were happy with what we were doing, she made pre and post stays as needed again at better prices than we could find. She has booked us on over 10 Ocean Cruises, 2 River Cruises, and even some Fantastic Land Adventures. MORE Importantly, we thought we missed a special deal that was offered through the cruise company we booked with Cathy. Both my wife and I were upset with ourselves but Cathy had our backs and is always updating things and informed us she had seen the special and had change our booking to make sure we got the AMAZING deal, at no extra cost. It is always nice to know you have someone who covers your back before you go as well as when you are away. This makes you feel a whole lot better when you travel. What more can you ask.

Needless to say I do not book without asking Cathy to book for us. We get the benefits of having less stress, we don’t have to worry about all the details, and she thinks of things we don’t. We receive first hand advice, dedication, her friendly manner, and her outstanding service.

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